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How to Install Window Blinds

If you are looking to create a little privacy but are not the type of person that wants curtains on their windows, blinds are another option. This is a quick and easy DIY task that can be done before your favorite movie comes on tonight. Read more →

How to Build an Outdoor Grilling Station

The cold weather will soon be gone, and that means BBQ season is about to kick in. If you are like me, you cannot wait to get outside and start cooking every night again. If you really want to take your BBQing to the next level, why not build a BBQ grill station to make your life a little easier when you are out there cooking up your magic? Read more →

Quick Vinyl Flooring Buying Guide

Homeowners, contractors, and builders are flocking to vinyl flooring for a wide variety of reasons. The array of options available as well as often being scuff- and waterproof are making it the go to option for both new builds as well as remodels. Read more →

Making Bracelets Out of Recycled Shirts

I don’t know about your house, but in mine, we could probably throw or give away at least a dozen t-shirts every month. Rather than throw them out, though, we found a great crafts project that can put those word t-shirts to good use and keep the kids busy for hours on end. Read more →

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1Here at Hipp’s Help, we’ll teach you how to fix things around the house and put your home into clean and working order. You’ll find how to fix your home in a “do-it-yourself” fashion. We’ll show you the steps you’ll need to take, the mentality you’ll need to have and the tools you’ll need to own in order to complete the project.

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2Good food is essential to a good life. That’s why we even offer the best recipes we could find here at Hipp’s Help. We’ll help you learn how to cook main courses, desserts, appetizers and more. It’s all listed here.

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3The great outdoors need to be apart of everyone’s life. To help you take control of your outside life, we’ve got the best articles on outdoor activities and gardening. Want to learn more?


4We all at one time or another we have worried about our health, hoping there was something that we could do other then taking pills that have side affects. Here at Hipps Help we are trying to provide you with the information you need to help you with your everyday life. Whether you want to know how to treat a burn or just how to eat healthier then we have it here for you!