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Creating a Faux Mahogany Finish

Adding a Luxurious Finish to Simple Furniture

When it comes to purchasing new furniture, it is usually not an inexpensive endeavor. More often than not, homeowners desire new furniture not because the pieces are no longer functional but because they do not fit well into the home’s overall style. Instead of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on new tables, chairs, and dressers, it is possible to add a luxurious finish such as a faux mahogany to help change the way the pieces look in a simple manner without having to break the bank. Read more →

How to Care for Your Hardwood Flooring

Protecting and Maintaining Beautiful Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are a great addition to any home and can add a level of warmth and sophistication to a room, not to mention they also add a good amount of resale value. While this type of flooring looks great aesthetically, it is important to know how to properly treat, maintain and protect hardwood in order to keep it looking great. This concept is especially true for homes that have high traffic such as children and pets. Read more →

How to Create a Safer Workshop

Safety Tips and Equipment You Should Keep in Your Work Space

Workshops are generally an area where indoor and outdoor construction and decorating projects get done. In order to complete these projects, it is necessary to use certain pieces of equipment and tools that can sometimes be dangerous if used incorrectly. While it is always recommended to wear safety glasses, steel toed boots, and other accident prevention items, there are some additional items that should be kept in the workshop in case of an injury or emergency. Read more →

How to Create a Basement Shower

DIY Shower for Your Basement Bathroom

Many homes feature a finished basement. These rooms are often used as recreational space, kids’ playrooms and even home theatre areas. What many homeowners also include in this space is a basement bathroom. While this is convenient for those who spend time in the space, many basement bathrooms do not include a shower. If your basement space is acting as a spare bedroom, it may be worthwhile to install a basement shower for family and guests to use when they visit. Read more →

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