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How to Create Painted Twig Letters for Your Wall!

It can be a hassle trying to decorate your house, especially for those who prefer nature themes. Pre-made pieces in the store can go far in showcasing your personality, but they can add up fast and leave you with a light wallet. However, there are always DIY decorations like these painted twig letters!
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Using Your Wet Saw for Cutting Tiles

For those who don’t know, wet saws are power tools that use one water-cooled diamond blade, and they can turn the task of cutting tile into a quick one. Now, as with all power tools, it’s crucial that anyone who uses a wet saw knows how to use it, and the following guide will do just that while also teaching some more common cutting strategies.
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How You and Your Kids Can Make Button Dolls

For those Sunday afternoons when the weather is bad or there’s little else to do, this arts and crafts project just might help parents and their kids kill some time while also learning a new skill. If parents also happen to have too many buttons somewhere in their closet, then this button doll crafts project is perfect for you!
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Try Growing Shrubs or Trees for Privacy!

For centuries, people have used shrubs and trees as part of their landscapes to create a type of privacy screen between themselves and their neighbors—something that especially comes in handy for those who live in unfenced neighborhoods. Whether you plant them for privacy or decoration, there are dozens of plants to pick from and several ways to implement them as a hedge.
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