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Improve Outdoor Safety with No-Slip Paint

Using Textured Paint on Porch and Deck Floors

Outdoor surfaces such as decks, porches, and outdoor stairs take a beating from weather. Rain, wind, extreme heat, and cold can all do damage to both concrete and wood surfaces that are outside. Because of this, it is beneficial to paint and seal these surfaces to help protect them. But, when painted surfaces get wet, they become very dangerous to walk on and pose a very high slip-and-fall risk. Read more →

Installing a Storm Door

How to Install a Storm Door Using a Kit

Storm doors are a great addition to any home – they provide further protection from harsh weather as well as provide the opportunity to increase airflow in the home without leaving door wide open. Many hardware and home improvement stores provide storm door kits so homeowners can install the door without having to contract professional help. Installing a storm door is a simple project that can help to add a new level of comfort to the home and can be completed in just a short amount of time. Read more →

How to Seal a Cracked Vent

Repairing a Damaged Roof Vent

There is nothing worse than realizing a roof has a leak, especially when the problem is not discovered until a heavy rain storm. Although finding that the leak is only from a cracked vent may come as a relief, some homeowners struggle with how exactly to fix this common problem. Vent cracks are very simple to repair at home and do not require the assistance of any professional repairmen. Here is a step-by-step guide to fixing your damaged roof vent. Read more →

How to Turn Your Attic into a Guest Room or Office

Utilizing Wasted Attic Space

Many homeowners dream of simply having more space. One room in the home that is often under-utilized is the attic. Although this area is great for storage, it is also possible to turn this otherwise unused room into a livable space for a spare bedroom, playroom or even an office. But many do-it-yourself homeowners are intimidated by the traditional layout of an attic – low, slanted ceilings and limited floor space. Luckily, converting an attic into a useable room is easier than they may think. Read more →

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